Where is Line of Duty Set

Where is Line of Duty Set

Where is line of duty set? The bulk of the series is shot in Belfast, while sets in Birmingham are also used to capture the drama. While most of the filming takes place in Northern Ireland, the setting of the series itself.

The third series storyline continued to unfold in Britain, but with its dramatic climax being shot in Belfast. But where IS ‘line of duty’? A real life Northern Ireland city was revealed as an unlikely tourist hotspot amid all the police TV action earlier this month. Unsurprisingly, Line Of Duty fans haven’t been short of inspiration when it comes to recreating scenes from the hit show. 

Northern Ireland & Birmingham

One determined fan took to the streets of Belfast where filming for the series takes place and recreated a number of the lead characters’ most memorable moments. The result was this impressive montage of where is line of duty shot in Ireland, featuring some genuine crime scenes from across Northern Ireland.

The location of the series is never directly addressed, but there are a number of clues that viewers have picked up on over the years.

The City

The action takes place in The City, which is ‘somewhere around Birmingham’ and the East Midlands Constabulary has been mentioned as being fictionalized for storytelling purposes to make it seem like they could be anywhere.

Line of Duty is set in an unknown location, Central England’s City. The series also reveals that AC-12 operates somewhere around the M6 highway which runs through Birmingham and Manchester.

A mystery location

The show Line of Duty has been running since 2012 but viewers are told very little about its setting or where it takes place other than “Central England.” However, I can tell you definitively that this mystery TV show does not take place near London as many people think because according to one character’s dialogue from Season 5 Episode 3 (aired on May 2nd), he says: “London doesn’t have a lot going for it these days,” while referring to his hometown – implying they’re most likely close by! There

is a major clue lies within the first episode where one of the AC-12 members, on a visit to London, is told where his daughter attends university. She studies at Leeds University and the attached campus map clearly shows that she was studying just north of Manchester (where LOD is shot). They show shots of Birmingham & Wolverhampton from time to time where the characters are based but this data seems most likely given where the short trip out to London would be as we shall see from following clues. As you will see in further details below, there are many hints where Line Of Duty takes place:

1. In Season 5 Episode 1, after home leave for Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott(played by Martin Compston) where he is reunited with his daughter (who we assume is based where l od  takes place), its revealed that she resides where Line of Duty is set at ‘the University Of Leeds in West Yorkshire’.

The character Ronnie Brooks (played by Nitin Karani) who was a retired police detective from where Line of Duty takes place and he says “I live in the north” when asked where he is most recently working. The time frame for these events are between 2012-2018, so it’s safe to assume this location where Line of Duty  takes place would be where he lived for at least 7 years!

3. Steve Arnott visits his ex-wife Karen and is said to be where she’s currently staying with her new husband. She tells him where Line Of Duty takes place is where she now resides and where they decide to meet up.